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Revolutionizing Predictive Machine Learning: Unveiling Kumo.AI’s Game-Changing Release
Join us for an exclusive webinar with Prof. Jure Leskovec, Kumo.AI’s co-founder, as we unveil our most important release to date that is set to change the landscape of machine learning development by using Graph Neural Networks to eliminate the need of training sets and data features.

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What is it?

Prof. Leskovec will present our newest innovations that embody Kumo.AI's mission to streamline predictive modeling. We've harnessed the power of Graph Neural Networks and delivered it through a data science-as-a-service platform. Whether you're an ML beginner or an advanced practitioner, you can now build and deploy predictions in production with exceptional accuracy in days, not months.

Revolutionizing Predictive AI with Graph Neural Networks

In the webinar you will learn how Kumo.AI streamlines the modeling process, eliminating the need for training data generation, feature engineering, feature pipelines, and feature stores. Just register your data schema and apply Kumo’s Graph Neural Network technology that learns directly from your raw data tables, outperforming existing ML approaches within days. Our intuitive yet powerful declarative Predictive Querying language enables you to build dozens of models in a single day, covering a wide variety of use cases including personalization, next best action, Churn/LTV prediction, fraud/crime detection, forecasting, and more.

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Jure Leskovec

Chief Scientist and Co-founder
Kumo AI

Jure is the Chief Scientist at Kumo.ai and one of the leading AI and data mining professors at Stanford University. Jure is the former Chief Scientist at Pinterest.