Ondemand Webinar

Powering Growth and Retention with Predictive AI

Query the future with state-of-the-art graph learning to power your growth and retention strategies.

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Building new AI applications for powering growth and retention strategies has never been easier. Kumo offers a powerful no code declarative language, the Predictive Query, for building predictive AI applications directly from your data. The query language presents a new approach for building machine learning models, making it easy to define the ML task and then deliver predictions directly to existing workflows. Users have the ability to generate many models in a single sitting with no additional overhead. This webinar will be a deep dive into how you can use the query language to build your own state-of-the-art graph learning models to flexibly solve any churn and retention problems.




Tin-Yun Ho

VP of Product

Kumo AI

Burton McFarland

Data Science

Kumo AI